When fresh tuna and mahi show up at your front door and were swimming in the Gulf Stream just hours ago, you graciously thank Capt. Free and head straight to the kitchen. I should have immediately made ceviche with the brilliant crimson and ruby red hunks of fish. But, I lost my focus, wanting to duplicate the scrumptious sesame seared tuna I had devoured at a nearby restaurant Topsail recently. This is my style:

1 1/2 pounds fresh tuna steaks
1/4 cup tamari sauce
2 Tablespoons sesame oil
1 Tablespoon rice wine vinegar
1 Tablespoon sweet chili paste
1/2 cup sesame seeds

Wasabi paste
Tamari sauce
Pickled ginger

In a rimmed dish such as a pie plate, combine tamari sauce, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, chili paste. On a separate plate, spread out sesame seeds. Dip the tuna steaks into the tamari mixture, then press the steaks into the sesame seeds making sure they are coated and the sesame seeds are sticking. Heat the grill on medium high and cook on each side for 30 seconds to 1 minute. You can also quickly sear in a pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil on top of the stove. Serve with extra tamari sauce, wasabi paste, and pickled ginger. 

Serves 4.


Leftovers, if by chance you have any, make a scrumptious salad!