Sock it to Me Salmon

copper river salmon

Copper River Salmon is still running and the species now is Sockeye. Like its boss “The King”, it is a deep, gorgeous ruby red color, but unlike its larger cousin, the average fish is only about six pounds and has an elongated body.

I had been successful in procuring the King from Whole Foods, therefore I went to that source and found the Sockeye was also a “dear” price at $19.99/lb. I bit the bullet (or hook as it were) and Copper River Salmon part “deux” was on. Grilled on the green egg, as was the King, the flavor was just as intense and the omega 3’s produced such a rich dish, a normal portion for two would feed four people.

Much to my chagrin, but actual delight, I later found that Harris Teeter carried the prized Sockeye for___$11.32/lb. Now we are able to reasonably have another shot at a comparison of Sockeye. Luckily the less expensive version was equally as tasty, so readers___ it pays to shop your salmon!

I think it fair to say the wild caught salmon is most definitely a different texture and flavor. When they say you eat with your eyes, the vibrant color draws one in to make you feel as though it is a “feast for a King”, no pun intended.