Make it Fresh! Make it Whole!

When deciding to have fish for dinner, don’t read a recipe first. Let me suggest you go to your fishmonger (Geechie Seafood in Mt Pleasant, SC) and see what was swimming a couple of hours ago. Check to make sure the eyes are clear, not dull, and flesh bounces back when poked. If you can, give it the “sniff” test.

All too often, we are fixated on skinned, boned fillets. Buying fish this way, you miss the flavor and moisture you gain from cooking it whole. This Pink Snapper was gutted and scaled, therefore any prep work was minimal.

Stuffed with fennel fronds, sliced onions and lemons, then rubbed with olive oil, salt and pepper, the snapper was cooked on a gas grill at medium high (in a wire basket) for 15 minutes on each side.

snapper stuffed.jpg

Squeeze fresh lemon over the cooked fish and cut into serving portions. The fish easily comes away from the bones. Served over a succotash of beans with slices tomatoes as a side with extra lemon slices for added flavor, you have a healthy summer meal without much “sweat”.

And…should you have any leftovers, a sauteed fishcake made with chopped onions and an egg (salt and pepper to taste) served over a salad makes a fabulous lunch the next day. Oh, and save the head and bones to make broth for a seafood soup____you have “recycled the WHOLE FISH”!

snapper dish.jpg