A Summer Revival

Summer is my favorite time of year and always has been. Memories of vacations at my cousin’s “fish camps” on the Pamlico and White Oak Rivers in North Carolina were formed whern the kids had the “run of the mill” with freedom to crab, boat, make rustic pottery from the clay banks along the river, play hide and seek in the cornfields behind the house____and fish.

And boy, was I ever so proud when christening my brand spanking new 10th birthday rod and reel from the dock___and ever so embarrassed when on my first cast, the said gift flew out of my hands and into the salty, muddy river. I immediately dove in, scratching my knee along the barnacles, retrieved the rod and reel, but still have the scars to prove my apprentice skills like notches on a belt.

I have not blogged for some time. In fact, I have not done so much cooking either. I lost my partner, my “wing-man”, my green-egg guy in December and I pretty much lost myself to the winter doldrums.

Cooking for me has always been my therapy. Through the encouragement of friends and family, I am finding the way back to my source of healing.

When invited by dear friends to fish with them up the Wando River (Charleston, SC), I jumped at the chance. A blue sky, not a cloud in sight, slight breeze and the warmth of the sun made for a perfect day on the water. If we had not caught a fish, none of us would have cared. Companionship, nature, and life itself were the driving forces.

Luckily my friend Susan snagged a fighting 5 pound redfish from the weeds. My charge became___get in in the kitchen and do justice to this beautiful specimen.


Back home, I scaled and gutted the fish down by the dock as spectators gathered and new acquaintances were made. Energy thrives on energy! A newly refreshed soul was being born.

Research for a recipe involved numerous cookbooks and the internet; Mediterranean Redfish with Vegetables was created. Starting with olive oil in the bottom of a grill pan, with a layers of sliced potatoes, onions, and tomatoes, topped with fennel fronds, garlic and lemon slices and olives built a bed for the fish. The cavity of the fish was another avenue for adding flavor by stuffing it with onion, tomato, lemon, and fennel. Seasoned on top with olive oil, salt and pepper with slices of lemons and onions to keep the fish moist while cooking, she was ready to be baked on the grill.

With all the flavors melding into one another, the end result was one outstanding sensation of fresh deliciousness…if I do say so. I was reminded how creativity is a source for inner happiness. And the friends were thrilled with the outcome and invited me for a second trip.



Future Goal: Tackle the Green Egg