Tapas Tables.jpeg

I have discovered that a Tapas or Pintxos (Basque for Pinchos) Party is one of the simplest ways of entertaining for a crowd or a small group. A variety of dishes that by nature are colorful and appealing to the palate can be served hot, cold, or room temperature.  Many of the recipes can be made ahead and frozen, then re-heated at the last moment.  Grazing around a buffet table stimulates conversation and generates an energy that unites a gathering.

The menu below were my choices for a party to celebrate the launch of my website www.ahomechef.com and feature the Food and Wine of Spain.

Tortilla Espanola

Marinated Asparagus

Cherry Peppers Stuffed with Tuna Pate

Marinated Shrimp

Cheese Olive Nuggets

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Mushrooms in a Garlic Sauce

Meatballs in a Almond Sauce

Marcona Almonds

Sliced Chorizo Sausage and Manchego Cheese with Quince Paste

Can Xa Brut Cava

Neboa Albarino

Borsoa Garnacha